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W.M. Low & Partners

Date of Firm Set Up: May 1994.

Nature of work: Mainly litigation briefs, slanting towards family and criminal cases, and include matters such as contested divorce trials (we have conducted a 23 days hearing successfully), maintenance summons, personal protection applications, custody matters, division of matrimonial assets, child custody and other ancillary issues. We have obtained care and control of two boys recently for a husband (travelling for work overseas) against a housewife. Please refer to our associate site www.divorce.sg for more details and citation of the cases handled and reported.

We have acted successfully for accuseds in both white collar and other offences, including offences under Companies Act and offences under Penal Code eg molest, assault, theft, rioting, robbery, maid abuse, CBT, cheating, murder, drug related offences under the MDA, corruption offences under PCA. The firm also accept briefs from other law practices. The solicitors in the firm have more than twenty four years experience in family and criminal law practice.

In areas of work that require a counsel with a slant towards certain specialised fields, we do assist our clients in instructing such a specialist or senior counsel and remain as instructing solicitors to strategize the case. In this context, we serve as the clients'  family lawyers.

Brief particulars of our solicitors:

Low Woon Ming (Mr)

  • Qualifications :LL.B.(Hons), NUS (1991)
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Called to the Bar :March 1992
  • Areas of practice:Criminal law & Family Law
  •    Languages spoken: :English, Mandarin, Hokkien & Cantonese


    Chan Su Ying (Mdm)

  • Qualifications :LL.B.(Hons), NUS (1991)
  • Called to the Bar :March 1992
  • Notary Public
  • Areas of practice :Family law
  •    Languages spoken :English, Malay, Mandarin & Hokkien

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