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We charge $70/- for preparation of a document for change of name, called a ‘Deed Poll’, which has to be signed before one of our solicitors. A minor, a person below 21 years of age, however, requires BOTH parents to sign the Deed Poll on his/her behalf. Both parents have to attend at our office at the same time to sign the deed poll. For cases wherein there is only one surviving parent, please provide us with a copy of the death certificate. For parents who are divorced, we require both of the natural parents of the child to attend at our office at the same time in any event.

We do not advise whether a chosen name is acceptable by the National Registration Department  or otherwise.If you wish to do a Deed Poll to change your current name, please submit to us the required information in the form below and the email us the relevant documents.

Documents to be emailed over: ( )

For applicants above 21 years old: (a) A copy of applicant’s NRIC scanned clearly (front and back) (b) Existing and New Chinese/Tamil/Jawi Characters in Microsoft word format regardless of any type of name change.

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You have to attend at our office to make payment after submssion of all documents. The deed poll is usually ready within 1 to 2 days from the submission of all your documents. You have to sign and collect your deed poll at our office on the same day.

The cost of a Deed Poll is S$70/- NETT for non urgent cases that do not involve minors, and payment is by CASH ONLY. For deed poll for child, effective forthwith, we charge $120/-. Please call 6534 1328 if you have any queries.

For urgent cases ie you require the deed poll in less than 1 day from the submission of all your documents, the charges will be twice the usual charges. You have to register your change of name with the National Registration Department within 28 days of the date of the deed poll and a registration fee is payable to the National Registration Department.

Or email us at Please email us the documents stated above, whichever is applicable to you. We will contact you to schedule a date for for signing and collection, which is usually about 1-2 working days from the date of receipt of all supporting documents. Kindly note that we do not give any advice by email or phone regading deed poll matters. Please check with ICA if necessary