• A Will represents a person’s instructions to his executors on how he wishes his assets to be dealt with upon his death.
  • A Will only takes effect upon death and can therefore be revoked or altered by the maker at any time before death.
  • A testator (person making the Will) may appoint one or more executors. An Executor is the person who would be carrying out the testator’s instructions after his demise in accordance with his Will
  • A beneficiary is the person whom the testator wishes to give his asset(s) his death.
  • A testator may also create a trust in the Will, for the education of his children.
  • A testator may also wish to specify in his Will the person or persons whom he would like to appoint to be the legal guardian of his children after his death.
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Some reasons for a person to make a Will:-

  1. To make the most difficult time for a person’s loved one easier;
  2. To identity who takes care of the funeral and inheritance, pays the debts (if any), collect the assets and distribute accordingly to his or her wishes;
  3. To simplify legal process;
  4. To dispense with the need for the administrator to give a bond to the Court;
  5. To prevent or reduce family dispute as to who would be the administrator;
  6. To decide whom to allocate which part of the estate and in what amount.
  7. As certain assets cannot be effectively willed, it is prudent to appoint a competent lawyer to draft the Will. The lawyer and his staff could give evidence supporting validity of the Will subsequently if necessary. In certain cases, the certificate of a medical officer may be required.

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