For matrimonial assets division, a list of all assets should be itemized, whether held in sole or joint names. Occasionally, the assets are held in the names of third parties. If these are matrimonial assets, such assets would also be subject to division. There are other issues to be discussed, as parties’ contributions whether direct or indirect, financial or otherwise which our lawyers can discuss and advise in further detail.

If you are unable to afford a lawyer, you should seek legal aid (if you qualify), at the Legal Aid Bureau. The Family Justice Court Website provides a very detailed write up on the procedure at www.familycourt of

The categories of persons who can apply for maintenance under the Women’s Charter:-

  1. Married woman whose husband neglects or refuses to provide her with reasonable maintenance;
  2. Legitimate or illegitimate child;

You may call us at our office at 6534 1328 for enquiry if you wish to engage us for instituting or defending maintenance applications at the Family Court. Our staff will accompany you to the Family Court if necessary to file the complaint and explain to you the procedure.

(A)     Documents required:-    

To file a complaint:

  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Birth Certificates of children
  3. Previous Court Order on maintenance (if any)
  4. Your salary slip (if any)
  5. Your expenses computation
  6. Your income tax return (if any)
  7. Your spouse salary slip/income tax return (if any)
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To compute the quantum you may ask for or the quantum your spouse ought to receive as the case may be, please note inter alia the following:

(i) monthly income of spouse and your income, (ii) No. of children  (iii) Age (iv) Expenses such as food, transport, school fees school stationery, school uniform, medical, clothes, books, utilities, bills, mortgage payments.

If you wish to appoint a lawyer to act for you in your claim for maintenance or to defend such claim or wish to vary a previous maintenance order,  you may call us at 6534 1328 or submit to us the following information for a initial discussion.

To arrange for an initial consultation, state:

Kindly do not e-mail any confidential information to us until we have conducted a conflict search confirming that we are not your spouse’s solicitors.

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